Development of game app and console games takes several days to reach completion, but Tech4lyf usually takes less time and money and can be produced by individual developers for game market like Android and iOS devices with creative outlet. Our team generally writes an initial game proposal document that describe basic concept, gameplay, feature list, setting to reach the target audience’s requirements with schedule. Now it’s never late to bring your business in app format that too with best 2D 3D Game development company in Chennai.

Similarity In 2D and 3D games


There are some similarities in 2D and 3D games like both the game have some goal that player has to finish that then only heshe can move to the next level or mission or win the game.


In both the games the character has the ability to move forward, backward, jump, shoot to kill their enemies. It depends on the game, which game we are playing. If it is an intelligent based game then the controls would be different.


Both the games are made for some console for 3D there are some extra consoles are there. Playstation 2, playstation 3 are the consoles for 3D games.

Replay Ability

In both kind of game another main similarities is replay ability. We can play several times. Like if we loose one level then we can play it again to win that level and move to the next level.

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